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Transporte Marítimo y Logística, S. A. (TML) is a 100% Guatemalan nonvessel Operating Common Carrier (N.V.O.C.C) with over 20 years of experience.

TML provides ground transportation, sea cargo, and customs brokerage services, among others.

We have branches in Panama and the Dominican Republic. As a member of the Global Logistics family, we are part of a network of agencies around the world aimed at ensuring security and punctuality in delivering our customers’ cargo. We are able to integrate several transportation modalities and to perform various logistics processes. We provide integrated solutions for handling and managing cargo volumes and supply chain. Punctuality and efficiency are our trademark.

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To connect our customers businesses around the world timely with tailored customer service.


To be the leader as the most efficient and effective cargo agency in Central America and the Caribbean by building positive alliances with providers and creating growth opportunities and success for our clients.


We have ample experience in managing all sorts of cargo. This experience enables us to offer our customers reliable and flexible services to meet their personalized requirements.


Sea freight

Our employees are experts in handling sea freight. The services we provide are reliable and flexible — specially designed to meet your needs. Trust us with your shipment and it will be in the best hands.


Ground transportation

TML also provides ground transportation within Guatemala thus the delivery of cargo from the ports to our customers’ warehouses is the most efficient.



Our logistics structure enables us to preserve our customers’ most valuable resources.

Place of Origin / Final Destination

Our goal is to meet our customers’ needs. We offer sea freight services in the five continents and our expertise allows us to securely ship and deliver your high-value and high-quality commodities from one corner of the world to another.



19 avenida 0-51 Vista Hermosa II Zona 15 Guatemala, Guatemala

PBX: (502) 2300-4100

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Grupo Incomar S.A.

Vía Ricardo J. Alfaro Edificio Century

Tower Of. 1206 Panama City

PBX: (507) 2365-037 2369-427

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Dominican Republic

PBX: (849)590-0038

PBX: (809)419-0707

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25 buyers from Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica interested in doing business at the 8th Manufexport

Published 06 Apr 15

AGEXPORT BUSINESS  April 6, 2016  0  Andrea Vides

As a result of the business tour the International Business Management Unit of AGEXPORT’s Department of Market Development and Commercial Promotion organized to Mexico, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, more than 25 international buyers wish to participate in the 8th Manufexport Retail & Supply, the biggest Central American retail products fair. The group included dealers as well as representatives from supermarket chains and convenience stores.

During one week, AGEXPORT’s International Business Unit visited companies in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico City and EXPOANTAD Guadalajara, with the purpose of promoting international buyers’ participation in MANUFEXPORT 2016. This resulted in buyers such as: Rodinia, Grupo Ibermir, Grupo Idea, Woolworth, Northgate Market, El jarocho, HEB, Chedrauí, Liverpool, Casa Pellas, and Gessa showing interest in products manufactured in Guatemala, stated AGEXPORT’s International Business Unit Director, Paola Alvarez.

Alvarez reported that in the following weeks AGEXPORT will be promoting products available for exporting from the enterprises already registered in the fair through the Master Match & Verification Program. This program is a system which will provide international buyers the Guatemalan providers’ complete profile from April to September 8, 2016, when the 8th Manufexport will take place in Santo Domingo del Cerro, Antigua Guatemala.

AGEXPORT launches logistics and transportation monthly bulletin

Published 21 Apr 16

AGEXPORT, Competitiveness  April 8 2016  0  Andrea Vides

AGEXPORT’s Exporting Country/Competitiveness Management Unit announces its new monthly bulletin “Logistics Monitor”. The bulletin is the result of the Unit’s constant efforts to provide AGEXPORT’s members data analyses, reports, and trends related to logistics, sea and air freight, and ground transportation.

AGEXPORT’s Logistics Monitor will broadcast on a monthly basis international markets news as well as a profile of Guatemalan products, their destinations and the opportunities such products have within the areas of analysis.

This first edition is focused on cargo movement from Guatemala to the United States-- one of Guatemala's largest trading partners and the largest destination of Guatemalan exports. The data analysis shows that although there are over 400 ports and sub-ports in the United States, Guatemalan exports are mostly shipped to 24 ports which manage 99.7% of the cargo shipped, as reported by Exporting Country Competitiveness Manager, Claudia De Del Aguila.

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